An exclusive 3-day opportunity for high-performing women leaders to work with world-class experts and network with other trailblazing female leaders.


The 5 SharpAlice Retreat Objectives

As leaders, your job is to affect change through others, and your interpersonal skills are a crucial factor in determining the degree of your success. Behavior is literally the single most important differentiator in leadership. 

  • Ahead of the retreat, each participant will therefore complete a Leadership Practices Inventory assessment, which is based on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model, developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, Ph.D.
  • Each participant will have a 90-minute executive coaching session prior to the retreat to debrief the feedback and develop a specific set of objectives for the retreat.
  • On the first full day of the retreat we will then work with the leaders to further evaluate and deconstruct their individual leadership behavior and identify opportunities for improvement. In doing so, we will also draw upon the concepts and tools from behavioral leadership experts such as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, whose fascinating work sheds light on the key behaviors leaders should STOP doing once they make it to the top.
  • On the second evening, the leaders will take part in the “Daring Way Salon” , to explore the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding us back from being bold leaders and identify the new choices and practices that will move us toward a more authentic and bolder leadership style.

Contrary to common belief, some of the unique characteristics of female leadership are actually highly advantageous and necessary to help organizations and teams thrive in todays uber-connected, international, complex and fast-paced business environment.

To highlight and explore this, we will kick off the retreat with a dinner and salon to help us explore those leadership traits that provide us with “The Female Advantage” and to gain some valuable insights from one formidable senior female leader.

Communication is a critical leadership skill. Without it, you will lack the ability to galvanize people and resources behind your vision and plans. You will also lack the information that is needed for smart decision-making and informed risk-taking. However, women do have different communication styles than men. As a leader in today’s workplace, we need to not only be aware of these differences, but know how to use them to our advantage .

The morning of the second day of the retreat is therefore dedicated to a master class led by executive communications expert and speaking coach Mary Gardner, which will focus on understanding your female advantages and obstacles in leadership communication, and  developing your unique voice.

Fostering innovation is key to surviving in today’s fast-paced business environment. Leaders must therefore enable and give their people license to be creative and establish a culture of openness that fosters “creative combustion” – the coming together of multiple perspectives from differing angles – to uncover new insights and, ultimately, new solutions.

On the morning of the last day we will therefore have a dedicated master class to review, explore and discuss specific practices, skills and conditions that nurture and promote the creative competencies of employees in your team and throughout your company.

Leadership is a contact sport. It is intense. It can be exhausting! To be the best leader you can be, you need to be able to sustain high performance over time.To do this leaders need not just develop their cognitive capacity, but also develop secondary competencies such as endurance, resilience, flexibility, self-control and focus.

To this end the master class in the afternoon of the second day will focus on what it takes to be a “corporate athlete” – an executive who has the mental, emotional, and physical capacity to perform at the highest level.

What Our Alumni Say About The Retreat

Amazing Ambiance

Our annual SharpAlice retreat takes place at a beautiful private estate in Orlando, Florida. Each participant has a private bedroom with ensuite bathroom, as well as access during the breaks to the on-site pool and exercise facilities. 

Moreover, in line with the principles of “corporate athleticism”, because we want to truly practice what we “preach”, the whole retreat program is structured not just to develop your cognitive abilities as a leader but to also start practices that strengthen your focus, endurance and self-control.

For example, each day starts with a yoga session and a private chef prepares all the meals in our kitchen. We even build in dedicated time on Saturday night for “recovery” after the first two intense days of the retreat. On this “Spa Night” we bring in a group of therapists to give on-site massages and facials, manicures, pedicures, and more.

Support To Put It In To Action After The Retreat

For us, success comes when you manage to apply your SharpAlice learnings in the workplace.

To achieve that the SharpAlice retreat package includes a 360 assessment and 5 executive coaching sessions to support and help you achieve true transformative long-term change.

  • The first coaching session takes place prior to the retreat to debrief the feedback from the Leadership Practices Inventory assessment (the 360) and agree your personal objectives for the retreat.
  • During the retreat you will have two additional executive coaching sessions, which will result in a detailed action plan on how to redesign your leadership post-retreat.
  • You will have two follow-up executive coaching sessions, at 2 weeks and 4 weeks after the retreat. These sessions will focus on supporting you in the implementation of the changes in your leadership back in the real world.
  • After the retreat you will receive a free 6 month membership of the SharpAlice MasterMind, which will provide you with an ongoing platform to interact with and gain support from other female leaders.

Up Close & Personal

Achieving measurable growth is one of SharpAlice’s core values. For that reason we limit participation in our retreats to just 12 high-performing female leaders to ensure we can provide a high-impact personal learning experience.

Each session is structured as a highly interactive master class led by one of our faculty experts, blending group and 1:1 instruction and coaching for maximum developmental impact.

Please note that places for this retreat are highly limited in order to maintain the highly personal nature that makes our SharpAlice retreats so impactful for each individual participant.

Please use the form below to provide us with your details if you would like to receive an advance notice & access to book a space at our next retreat.