Just A Little Something To Sweeten the Deal

Driving your own professional development takes commitment and plenty of self-motivation. However, if you’re human like us then you’ll at times need that little extra push to overcome the many obstacles that try and keep getting in the way of your plan to regularly spend time on your own professional development.

So, to help sweeten the deal a little and add to your resolve, we have created 4 milestones along your leadership development path on our platform. At each milestone we will celebrate your achievement with a little gift from us to you! That’s just our way of saying, “You’ve got this! Keep on going!”

*Important note: Free trial users are not eligible for these gifts. However, any workouts completed during the free trial period prior to becoming a paying subscriber, will count towards your milestone level.

Bronze (5 workouts completed)

A box of colorful inspirational quote note cards

Silver (10 workouts completed)

Leather notebook (242 pages)

Gold (20 workouts completed)

Large Boat Tote Bag

Platinum (30 workouts completed)

A copy of the SharpAlice Journal for Effective Leaders

How It Works

Our system automatically keeps track of your activity on the platform, so we know exactly when to send you your next reward.

By the way, you can also easily keep track of your own progress, because each week you’ll receive an email which provides you with a quick overview of your activity on the platform in the past 7 days and what your total number of completed workouts is to date.