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A New Approach to Leadership Development

Leadership is critical to any organization’s growth, yet many businesses struggle with how to develop effective leaders.

SharpAlice offers an e-learning solution that achieves the ultimate goal of leadership development, lasting personal change.

We do this by combining

  • proprietary instructional design based on the latest insights from cognitive & behavioral psychology on how we learn & form new habits

  • content which focuses on the journey to leadership from a female perspective

  • an interactive and personalized experience, leveraging the latest technology, to deliver a highly engaging program

Leadership Development Is A Life-Long Journey

Much like physical fitness, leadership is something you need to keep working at if you want to develop and maintain it.

It’s not a set of skills you learn one day and then can rely on for the rest of your career. Effective leadership requires intentional, ongoing reflection and practice.

At SharpAlice we therefore believe that leadership development is not a one-off event but rather a life-long practice

To learn more about our philosophy and its business benefits of our approach, click below to get your free copy of our e-book ” Leadership Development As An Ongoing Practice”.

The Holy Grail of Leadership Development: Lasting Personal Change

Designing a leadership development program which leads to lasting personal change requires much more than just effective knowledge transfer of the right content. To affect such lasting behavioral change, SharpAlice e-learning program is designed according to 6 key principles to enable participants to successfully adopt the desired behaviors as new habits.

Why Is Our Approach Better Than Traditional Class-Room Based Leadership Development Programs?



We are true students of the art of change on both a personal and organizational level. Everything we do is structured to truly affect lasting change



Our workouts typically require 40-60% less time than learning the same material in a typical traditional classroom based setting

For leaders.

By Leaders.

Our trainings are delivered exclusively by ex-corporate leaders, who know what it means to lead and can truly empathize with and relate to the challenges the learning leaders face every day.


On Demand

Deliver training right when it is needed or wanted. No more waiting.



Increases retention rates by 25-60% compared to the low increases in retention rates from traditional face-to-face training



Real-time in-depth user analytics, allowing you to keep track of your training KPIs

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