Key Ingredients For Successful Personal Change 

Achieving lasting personal change, while developing your leadership capabilities, requires two fundamental ingredients:

  • A willingness to change: You will not change until you explicitly make the choice to do so. Such a willingness to change requires you to have the self- knowledge and self-acceptance to see the gap between your current self and your future self. (See step 1 below)

  • An ability to sustain change: Once you have chosen to change, you need the ability to sustain change in order to successfully navigate the treacherous path to lasting personal change. (See step 2 below)

Step 1: Lay The Foundation For Your Personal Change

To help set you up for success, we recommend you start by working through the “Personal Mastery” workout. This leadership workout focuses on the following three essential elements of achieving personal mastery, as per the model of Harvard professor Peter Senge:

  1. Define your personal leadership vision & purpose: Helps you truly see yourself as the leader you want to become and articulate why you want to lead.

  2. Commitment to the truth: Helps you assess and accept the truth about your current reality as well as the gap between your future and current self

  3. Manage the gap: Helps you pre-assess, and if necessary, bolster your stress tolerance for the discomforts that you will inevitably encounter when you go through the personal change process to overcome the gap between your current and future self.

Step 2: Develop Your Ability To Sustain Change

Just wanting to change is not enough. You need to learn how to navigate the treacherous path to lasting personal change. But don’t worry, we’ve build the tools to help you do so into our platform. We’ve done this in two ways.

First, we have designed our exercise lectures in such a way that they guide you on how to use several key tools to bolster your ability to sustain change:

  • You need to actually translate what the desired behavior means for you. To help you do that we’ve included exercise lectures to help you

    • design in detail what that new actual behavior looks like on a day-to-day basis

    • evaluate how it differs from your current behavior

  • You need to identify key moments when you will need/want to implement the new behavior. To help you do so, our exercise lectures will frequently prompt you to visualize situations in advance. Doing this will prime you mentally and emotionally to implement your new desired behavior when such situations actually occur.

  • It’s key to anticipate & pre-empt your potential fail points – i.e. to predict the causes that could throw your new behavior of course and to then decide in advance how you might prevent that. Don’t worry if this sounds a bit convoluted: We’ve build this into our exercise lectures so we will always guide you on how to do this.

  • You cannot think your way into change. You have to put those new behaviors to the test, which will feel uncomfortable at first and you’ll likely even fail a few times at first. For that reason, our exercise lectures will frequently ask you to make a detailed plan to actually implement new desired behaviors.

Second, we have build in a follow-up process to help support you to implement the new desired leadership behaviors and practices. It works as follows:

  • You will receive 4 follow ups in total – respectively after 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, and 2 months. Each time we will ask you to take the time to revisit your key insights from the leadership workout and the changes you planned to make.

  • Each follow up will guide you through a review of your actual leadership experience in that intervening period to help you both reconnect with your planned actions and to evaluate the progress you’ve made in implementing your new desired leadership behaviors.

Both the exercise lectures and the follow up process are critical to your successful leadership development so please take the time to complete them. Just watching the video lectures won’t do a thing.

Want to know even more about what it takes to create lasting personal change? Download our white paper on the topic