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The Problem Is …..

The problem with most leadership development programs is that they fail to enable and support the participant in successfully implementing the desired behaviors into new habits.

At SharpAlice we’ve solved this problem by designing our program to address  two fundamental requirements for affecting lasting personal change:

  • No person will change until the choice to do so is made. Such a willingness to change requires an openness to see the gap between a person’s current self and their future self. We therefore recommend that each user first work through the Personal Mastery track.

  • Once someone has chosen to change, a real ability to sustain change is needed in order to successfully navigate the treacherous path to lasting personal change. Our program is therefore designed according to 6 key principles which help participants to successfully adopt the desired behaviors as new habits.

Laying The Foundation For Personal Change

To help set participants up for success, the Personal Mastery track focuses on the following three essential elements of achieving personal mastery, as per the model of Harvard professor Peter Senge:

  1. Define their personal leadership vision & purpose: Help participants truly see themselves as the leaders they want to become and articulate why they want to lead.

  2. Commitment to the truth: Help participants assess and accept the truth about their current reality as well as the gap between their future and current self

  3. Manage the gap: Pre-assess, and if necessary, bolster participants’ stress tolerance for the discomforts of the personal change process to overcome the gap between their current and future self.

Sustaining Personal Change

Ensuring the individuals develop personal mastery is key, yet it is not enough to guarantee successful personal change. To help participants to sustain their personal change efforts SharpAlice has leveraged the latest behavioral psychology research to identify six key principles to integrate into its instructional design to enable and support its participants in their efforts to pursue and sustain lasting personal change.

To learn more about these 6 principles and their implications for instructional design, download our white paper on the topic

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