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Our ever-expanding workout library allows women to develop & strengthen their leadership skills along a variety of different development tracks.

Schema of the 9 skill development tracks


Articulate The Leader In You

Who you are is how you lead.  Each of the workouts in this track will therefore help you become more intentional about how you show up every day.

Key Workouts in this track include:

  • Developing your leadership philosophy

  • Credibility & trust: Your leadership foundation

  • Strengthening Your Leadership Presence

  • The Importance of a Leader’s Network

Image of a person reflecting on their leadership philosophy
A woman in a yellow sweater who is the kind of leader who gets stuff done

A Leader Who Knows How To Get Stuff Done

In leadership development, a lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of having a vision and a strategy to achieve that vision. However, only if the strategy is successfully executed, will the leader achieve her goal – i.e. you want to be a leader who can get stuff done. So in this track we focus on a variety of strategies and skills to successfully lead your people to get stuff done.

Key workouts in this track include:

  • Closing the Strategy-to-Execution Gap

  • Appreciative Leadership

  • Mastering the Art of Dialogue

  • Smart Risk Taking

The Essential Leadership Skills Toolkit

This track focuses on strengthening learners proficiency in key everyday leadership skills such as for example decision making, risk taking, leading meetings, managing conflict and effective communication.

Key workouts in this track include:

  • Great leaders ask great questions

  • How to improve your decision making

  • There is no leadership without risk taking

  • Enabling constructive conflict

A female leader contemplating how to handle something
The queen on a chess board as a representation of an influential female leader

The Influential Leader

Leadership is at its core about getting things done through others – i.e. through influence. As such, influence is the most essential and most-wanted, yet also most elusive leadership skills. Depending on whom you speak to, they may refer to influence as the power of persuasion, or the respect one garners due to one’s expertise, or the power one has through their network of relationships or due to their charisma. In this track we will discuss these and other strategies that leaders can use to amplify their influence.

Key workouts in this track are:

  • Effective communication

  • Improve your political skill

  • Develop your personal power

  • Build your influence

Leading Teams

A leader achieves their organizational goals through the work of their people. But that is easier said than done. This track addresses the art of building and leading teams

Key workouts in this track include

  • Building & sustaining a high performing team

  • Managing Culture

  • Motivating & engaging people

  • Fostering & nurturing creativity

A team of diverse people working effectively together in an office
An emotionally intelligent female leader

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Effective leadership requires social astuteness, presence of mind and equanimity. To foster these high-functioning cognitive qualities requires a commitment to a daily practice. This track guides learners on an initial exploration of how their own mind works and how to strengthen their self-control and increase their outward focus to help them foster these important but hard to master leadership qualities.

Key workouts in this track include

  • Strengthen Your Mind

  • Courage: a necessary ingredient of leadership

  • A leader and her emotions

  • Handling failure & career setbacks

Develop Your Financial Acumen

A non-financial leader does not need to know finance at the level of an accountant or finance director. However the more conversant a leader is on the subject, the better able he or she will be to advocate for certain decisions by demonstrating how these will impact revenue, costs, overhead, and cash flow, and the more successful he or she will be. That’s why this track is made up of 4 workouts to help strengthen your financial acumen.

Key workouts in this track include:

  • Mastering Budgeting

  • Conquering Capital Budgeting

  • Interpreting Financial Statements

  • Managing Working Capital

A typical income statement which leaders have to review on a regular basis
A female leader who rejoices in a moment of success

Mastermind Your Success

Successful leadership careers don’t happen by accident and require more than just raw talent and long hours in the office. A successful leadership career requires careful career planning, developing the ability to perform at your best under pressure and maintaining an ongoing focus on self-improvement as well as an awareness of the possible obstacles you might encounter enroute.

Key workouts in this track include:

  • Proactive, ongoing career management

  • Achieving Lasting Change Through Personal Mastery

  • Achieving Peak Performance As A Leader

  • Navigating The Obstacles On The Path To Female Leadership

Add Custom Curriculum

If you would like to add custom curriculum then that’s possible too. We’ll collaborate with you to create custom leadership workouts to reflect key aspects of your organization’s beliefs and practices.

Whatever you need, we’ll work with you to make it happen

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