Embrace The Many Benefits Of Innovations In Training Delivery

Classroom-based formats have traditionally been the go-to delivery methods for leadership development programs. However, the high cost of bringing people together in one space, including the cost of travel, accommodation, venue and catering,  usually forces a “massed practice” approach to the program structure resulting in a sub-optimal learning experience.

The SharpAlice e-learning platform allows companies not only to avoid these steep costs of leadership development , but also to

  • Enable a distributed learning experience to provide more effective leadership development

  • Provide tailored leadership development to a broader group of high-potential women

  • Enable participants to design a personalized learning path that is tailored to their specific leadership development needs

  • Provide social learning to deepen engagement

Leadership Development For The 21st Century 

  • Learners can access the e-learning platform from their laptop as well as any mobile device

  • Easy-to-use and beautifully designed user interface

  • Progress is self-paced but platform does send individualized prompts to maintain engagement and support continuous progress.

  • Learners receive personalized follow up messages to generate spaced retrieval to deepen learning and to support habit formation.

  • Unit credits are allocated upon completion of each workout to acknowledge their development effort

  • Further training recommendations are provided based on individual progress through the curriculum

Implementation Is As Easy As 1 2 3

Getting started with the SharpAlice e-learning platform is as easy as hitting play. Your implementation manager will give you a head start by setting up users and hosting training sessions for both your administrators and your designated users to get you and your learners up and running.

You have the option to add your own branding to the e-learning platform to create an “on brand” experience for your learners. 

Moreover, we can also create and add customized training content to for example emphasize your organizations core values, practices and leadership approach.

Add new users and manage admin powers in just a few clicks. Or use the platform email system to communicate key corporate training messages to all or selected users.

Use the real time data to monitor how your users are self-managing their development. View detailed data at an individual or group level and by course or overall.

Learn How SharpAlice Helps Women To Flourish In The Workplace

Explore how SharpAlice can help turbo charge the leadership development efforts for women in your organization.