All About the SharpAlice App


We believe that leadership development is not a one-off event but rather a life-long practice of intentional, ongoing reflection. Five minutes a day will go a long way towards developing and strengthening your leadership effectiveness.


SharpAlice enables women to take charge of their own leadership development: No more waiting for permission.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Personalized Learning Path

We'll design a tailor-made leadership development path for you based on your needs

Custom Fitted to Your Development Needs

Our Success Concierge will design your Personalized Development Path for you after you’ve answered a few questions about your career goals, natural abilities, talents, skills, knowledge, expertise and experiences.

Female Leader Forum

Enjoy the power of a community of your peers. Give & get support and advice

Connect & Learn

Enjoy connecting with other women on the leadership path. Post your questions about how to handle something and also help others with their daily leadership challenges based on your skills and experiences.

Achieve lasting personal change

Our build-in follow-up process helps you make the necessary changes to improve your leadership

Making it stick

We have build-in a follow-up process to help you make the desired changes to your leadership behavior based on insights gained from a leadership workout. It kicks off automatically each time when you complete a leadership workout.

Real Rewards

Real rewards to cheer you on. Not silly badges or useless certificates

Something To Sweeten The Deal

We have some fun gifts ready for you as you reach different milestones along your leadership development journey. Take a sneak peak

Stay in the know

Our up-to-date feed of business headlines ensures you’re always in the know

Latest business headlines

Let our news feed help you stay abreast of key developments in the business world around you. All neatly in one place.

The Bookshelf

Get weekly book recommendations to inform your leadership

Women who lead are women who read

Many of the world’s top leaders cite reading as a key part of their daily routine and as a major contributor to their success. So check out our weekly book suggestions to open your mind to new ideas & concepts.

Learn The Skills You Need To Succeed 

Helping You To Truly Change

To become the best leader you can be, you need to implement the desired leadership behaviors and practices, which we discuss in the workouts, as new habits.

To help you do so, we have build-in a follow-up process, which kicks off automatically each time when you complete a leadership workout.

It works as follows:

  • You will receive 4 follow ups in total – respectively after 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, and 2 months after you’ve completed a leadership workout.

  • You’ll receive the follow ups via email and they contain a link to a worksheet relating to that particular leadership workout

  • Each time we will first ask you to take a few minutes to revisit your key insights from the respective leadership workout and the changes you planned to make.

  • Next we’ll ask you to briefly reflect on your actual leadership experience in that intervening period in order to evaluate the progress you’ve made in implementing your new desired leadership behaviors.

These follow-ups are not tests but rather gentle prompts and reminders to help you truly apply what you learned in the workouts. Think of it as a build-in accountability partner who is determined to help you succeed

What Our Users Say

I loved the setup, the videos, the activities – most of all, I felt that the insights actually stuck with me. The reason for that is the check ins after the fact. Knowing that I’d need to reply to another test and check-in within a week/month/two months made all the difference. I learned valuable lessons that I use to this day

Michu B., Chief Creative Officer, communications agency

I wanted a stronger grasp on how to read balance sheets and income statements. I tried attending a college course, but the information was more than I needed or had time for. The SharpAlice workout on financial statements turned out to be the perfect resource – just the right amount of information, delivered  in short segments, so I could do them here and there when I had time

Elizabeth A., Marketing Communications Director, Financial Services

SharpAlice is a valuable resource for any ambitious and intelligent woman who aspires to be a better leader. We are always learning and improving and this platform offers a quick and engaging way to invest in yourself and your career.

Eva D., Chief Operating Officer, Investment Management