What if there was a place where high-performing women could come together to share their experiences, develop advanced leadership skills and build a support structure for future success?

For me, the SharpAlice retreat was a life and career changing experience.

The women leading and attending with me were some of the most inspirational I’ve ever had the honor of meeting, the content and learnings were immediately usable and the feeling of camaraderie was like none I’ve ever experienced.

I know I have gained both friends and skills for life.

As for the environment; forget any hotel-based conference you’ve ever attended and think along the lines of a spa weekend with close friends. It was luxurious but I soon realized that yes, I deserved every bit of the luxury. And when you think about how hard you work to over-achieve in all areas of your life, don’t you deserve these luxuries, too?”

Wendy A. Mazzoni, SVP Business Operations & Intelligence, Wikia-Inc.

“It was amazing. Seriously. This retreat makes leaders, and with that, their companies, improve in a way that I wish there was a clear, measurable ROI for.”

Elizabeth Sartin, Chief Product Officer, HotSchedules Inc.

The SharpAlice Leadership Retreat is a training unlike any other where you can remove the armor, kick off your shoes, dig in and get up close and personal with leading experts and bold business women.

Nowhere else can you get access to and be fully immersed in the conversations that will truly take you to the next level in your career. Here you will learn how to operate at peak performance and the necessary steps needed to get you there. Individual coaching and intimate peer-to-peer support create a safe environment for growth.

Every lesson is well thought through and useful with dedicated time for reflection and planning, resulting in maximum impact. Not only will you walk away with an action plan on how to become the best leader you can be, but you will leave inspired, rejuvenated, and with a full support network to help you achieve your goals.

This was a life changing event for me – I’m walking away with a new perspective, actionable insights and amazing new friends.”

Vanessa Sain Dieguez, Senior Director, HR Digital Strategy and Implementation, Hilton Worldwide

“SharpAlice is all about sparking innovation & change through effective leadership. It is a “must have” in any leader’s toolbox to demystify what it truly takes to be an effective leader”

Dawn Lindsey, Head of Partner Marketing, Big Commerce Inc.