As soon as Michu Benaim from WeAreInHouse had designed our brand identity, she asked whether I needed business cards. However, the first thing I wanted her to design for SharpAlice were our thank you note cards.

You see, we are firm believers that in business good manners coincide with good business practices. To us a hand written thank you note is one of the most powerful ways

  • to strengthen our key business relationships
  • to stand out and be remembered by key influencers
  • to express the genuine interest we have for all the people we work with – our users, our educators, our vendors, our investors , etc.

Below we have shared with you a few pointers on how you can successfully adopt the old art of personal thank you notes to strengthen your key relationships, gain the attention of some people who could help your business or career, and to build your personal brand.

[textbox icon=”fa-star” heading=”Personal doesn’t mean non-work” icon_background_color=”#f94102″ heading_color=”#f94102″]Yes, these thank you notes should be “personal”, but by that we do not mean non-work. In this case “personal” means that it is specific to your vendor’s, employee’s, investor’s or general business contact’s role in your career or business.
[textbox icon=”fa-star” heading=”Go beyond the general” icon_background_color=”#f94102″ heading_color=”#f94102″]Say thank you for something specific that the vendor or employee or investor did and explain how it helped or will help you or your company. Steer clear of generalities like “thank you for your commitment”, “thank you for your business” or “Thank you for your time”. They just sound too formulaic and immediately depersonalize your note again. Stick with thanking them for their specific contributions and use your own words to do so.
[textbox icon=”fa-star” heading=”It really is worth your time” icon_background_color=”#f94102″ heading_color=”#f94102″]The actual act of taking the time to handwrite a personal note, that goes beyond the general, will show the recipient that it is genuine, because you took a few minutes of your most precious resource, your time, to think about them and thank them. Most emails get deleted straightaway after reading, but your card will likely be pinned up on a board or lie around on their desk for a little while longer, and thus help keep you and your relationship with the recipient a little more top of mind.
[textbox icon=”fa-star” heading=”Not Just For Thanksgiving” icon_background_color=”#f94102″ heading_color=”#f94102″]Thanksgiving is a great time to say thanks and could therefore be a great trigger to start this practice. However, this is a practice we believe you should practice year round. At the end of each week take a moment to consider which vendor, employee, peer or business contact did something to help you or your business, and then write them a thank you note. Not an email. A real thank you note. You will be surprised what it does for you and your career or business.[/textbox]

PS. We are saying a huge thank you to Michu at WeAreInHouse as we adored working with her. She totally understood what we were trying to express with the SharpAlice identity and guided us through a very thorough yet still quick process to help us arrive at the best brand identity we could have dreamed of. We highly recommend her and the team at WeAreInHouse. Thank you Michu!