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Tailormade For Women. Why?

Why A Special Female Leadership Development Program?

Historically, most of our organizational leaders have been men and consequently, most leadership development programs are based on leadership research focused on…….. men.

But women aren’t men. Sounds obvious, but this is often overlooked when organizations provide leadership development training.
Women show up differently in the world – and they consequently also show up differently as leaders.

Therefore, if we want to enable those women to become successful leaders, then we need to approach them as women – help them discover their unique female leadership advantages as well as address those leadership challenges that are specific to their context as a woman leader in a still predominantly male world.

Need we say more?

Gender Parity for Strategic Business Growth

Organizations shouldn’t pursue gender parity just out of a sense of fairness, duty or compliance, but also because it has strategic value. Why? Because men and women have complimentary strengths which, when leveraged together, bring economic benefits through improved decision making, decreased turnover, increased engagement, improved innovation and increased market responsiveness. We refer to this as “unleashing your organization’s the G-Force”. SharpAlice works with organizations to move from an organization which sees gender parity as a problem to one which leverages its G-Force as an opportunity for growth.

For Women Leaders. By Women Leaders

All our training content is developed and delivered exclusively by female corporate leaders, who know what it means to lead and can truly empathize with and relate to the challenges the learning leaders face every day.

Leadership Development As An Ongoing Practice

Our specialized content for women in leadership is only one of our major points of differentiation.

The team at SharpAlice has also leveraged the latest research in cognitive psychology and behavioral psychology on how we learn and form new habits in order to design a revolutionary e-learning solution for leadership development that deeply engages and helps participants achieve lasting personal change.

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Affecting Real Change

According to a survey by the Brandon Hall  Group 75% of leadership development programs are deemed ineffective as they fail to affect lasting personal change.

The team at SharpAlice decided it wanted to solve for this. To do this they delved into the latest behavioral psychology research to deeply understand the key parameters of a successful personal change process.

This led to the development of a special instructional design blueprint on the basis of which we build an e-learning platform that goes beyond knowledge transfer and truly helps participants establish the desired leadership behaviors as new habits.

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