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Engineered For Success

The team at SharpAlice worked with experts in learning theory, behavior design  and behavior change to design an experience which is optimal for learning and supporting true long term behavior change

Here are some of the critical ingredients that enable effective leadership development on our platform

Multimodal learning fosters deeper understanding


Our platform combines on-demand leadership workouts with 1:1 micro-coaching and live community calls to create a learning experience that deeply engages our users, fosters deep learning and lays the ground work for lasting personal behavior change.

“What does multi-modal learning mean? In a nutshell, it means that the more different ways you learn something the more you will really learn it! The more different ways you learn something, the more you will remember it! The more different ways you learn something, the more you will genuinely understand it!” (Lazear, 2008)

Address each user’s individual leadership development needs


One of the major pain points with traditional leadership development is that it takes a one size fits all approach. Our platform addresses this by providing each user with a personalized experience tailored to their specific needs.

Massed practice creates momentary strength. Distributed practice develops an underlying habit


Our platform triggers built-in periodic follow ups to prompt participants to retrieve their key insights for each leadership workout they have completed.

“Recalling what you’ve learned causes your brain to reconsolidate the memory, which strengthens its connections to what you already know.”

Self-testing is one of the most impactful learning tools


We don’t let participants blow through a class without any self-testing, but instead we require users to work through exercises that help them apply their new insights to their own leadership. We reward them for each completed & submitted exercise with with much coveted micro-coaching minutes. 

“Recalling what you’ve learned causes your brain to reconsolidate the memory, which strengthens its connections to what you already know.”

Employees will spend more time on their professional development if their efforts are acknowledged


We log the time our users spend on self-directed leadership development and ensure this is proactively shared with their manager and included in their reviews by integrating with their organization’s performance review system.

“People are keen to learn but have too little time, just 24 minutes per week. However, 56% of the respondents said that they would spend more time on learning if their manager took a more active interest in their learning efforts.” LinkedIn Research

Leadership development requires lasting behavior change


We have built in multiple tools to help users to unlearn old habits and to turn new desired leadership behaviors into new habits. 

“Most programs rely on a person’s rational understanding that they should adopt a new behavior to succeed. However, there are many things you do, which you know aren’t good for you, but that still isn’t enough to make you change.” 

Strengthen commitment to self-paced leadership development by making user’s progress visible, regularly


Our built-in tools for capability benchmarking & progress tracking leverage the Progress Principle to keep our users motivated to put in the effort work to further strengthen and develop their leadership capabilities.

“The power of progress is fundamental to human nature.” Teresa Amabile

Focused On The Journey To Leadership From A Female Perspective

Affecting Real Change

Most leadership development programs, whether online or offline, fail to provide you with the tools to create lasting personal change. 

Not at SharpAlice. We’ve leveraged the latest research in cognitive psychology and behavioral psychology to develop an e-learning experience which goes way beyond knowledge transfer to help you make the changes to develop & strengthen your leadership.

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